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The Crystals of Vuhran:

II. The Milian Sector

• Price: $5.00

• Reading age: 14+
• Author: Iván Bolaños Gamero

• Genre: Epic Sci-Fi

• Editor: Abucci & Barone

> Explore the spaceships


More than three thousand years have passed since the great adventure in which the soldier of god Aheolian-Priem participated. Having developed the technology to jump into space, the descendants of the ancient kingdoms on the Ziahn Sea's shores have begun to conquer the stars.


Accompany the first explorers who will open the way to colonize the Alaris, Qerin, and Zirth star systems, later forming the Milian Sector.


Discover the rivalry between purists and atolian. Unveil the dark secret kept for many centuries and witness the political rivalry between the Kihan-Sery and the Galot-Orn.


Can the skilled pilot Elst-Ghylant successfully lead the rebellion brewing in the colonies and find the true origins of the children of Vuhran?

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