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The Mist Club

• Price: $5.00

• Reading age: 10+
• Author: Iván Bolaños Gamero

• Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

• Editor: Abucci & Barone

> Explore the ruins

In the 1980s, a group of friends created a brotherhood in which they shared exciting adventures. They would build a treehouse and abide by a strict code. Thirty years later, the children of those founding members continue the legacy.

Raquel, one of the twins who aspire to be accepted into the club, is an outstanding athlete at school, which facilitates her entry, but her brother Ramon will not have it so easy and will decide to prove his worth through an act of great courage.

Discover what mystery Alejandro, Veronica, Roberto, and Felipe must solve after Ramon challenges some enigmatic pre-Inca ruins in his quest to prove that he too is worthy of being part of the brotherhood.

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