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The Crystals of Vuhran: II. The Milian Sector

The Crystals of Vuhran: II. The Milian Sector


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• Language: English

• Reading age: 14+

• Genre: Epic Sci-Fi

• Author: Ivan Bolanos Gamero

• Editor: Abucci & Barone

• Payment: PayPal / Credit Card

• Download contains 3 files: epub, pdf and AZW (kindle)


More than three thousand years have passed since the great adventure in which the soldier of god Aheolian-Priem participated. With the development of spacefaring technology, the descendants of the ancient kingdoms along the shores of the Ziahn Sea have embarked on a journey to conquer the stars.


Join the first explorers who will pave the way for colonization in the Alaris, Qerin, and Zirth star systems, subsequently forming the Milian Sector.


Explore the rivalry between purists and Atolians. Uncover a dark secret that has been kept for many centuries and witness the political tensions between the Kihan-Sery and the Galot-Orn.


Can the skilled pilot Elst-Ghylant successfully lead the rebellion brewing in the colonies and uncover the true origins of the children of Vuhran?

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