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I. Kes, the last aure of Terralan

Kes, a curious and brave boy, is always looking to participate in risky adventures in the company of Alit, his inseparable friend. They both know that there is a dark and winged being in the forest that prowls their home.

When tragedy overtakes Kes's family, old Aure Diruk will join forces with him to rally the other guardians of the kingdom and fight the evil that is spreading and threatening the inhabitants of Terralán. The aures should always be twelve, not one less, not one more.

Witness the energy that emanates from the heart of a young child. Unicorns, gargoyles, and incredible magical powers will make you live an adventure in which you will see the importance of love, sacrifice, and friendship.

I. Kes, the last aure of Terralan

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