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How I Started Writing Inka Empire: Stone Warriors

Updated: Jan 22

I always liked History, especially that which tells us about ancient civilizations. When the idea arose to write Inka Empire: Stone Warriors, I must admit that I remembered many things about the Inca civilization, but it was clear that I had to deepen my knowledge.

The idea was to write an epic fantasy novel based on the pre-Hispanic world, and among the books I turned to, I must make a special mention of Historia del Tahuantinsuyu, by the prominent historian and researcher María Rostworowski. Her work transports us to the birth of a great state. It tells us how a small curacazgo manages to become one of the most important civilizations in America.

From there, my imagination began to work, and little by little, I built the plot of one of my most important novels. Fantastic fiction allowed cultural elements validated by renowned historians to be given a new form, making them an essential part of this epic adventure.


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